Recent (and not so recent) work

Budgie in a boatIMG_1169A walk through the Fullmer Gallery and workshop – Mid-March 2015D7K_8590D7K_8591D7K_8592D7K_8593D7K_8594D7K_8595D7K_8596D7K_8597D7K_8600D7K_8601D7K_8602D7K_8603D7K_8605D7K_8606D7K_8607D7K_8608D7K_8609D7K_8610D7K_8612D7K_8613D7K_8614D7K_8615D7K_8616D7K_8617D7K_8619D7K_8620D7K_8621D7K_8622New  firing - June 2014 New  firing - June 2014 New  firing - June 2014 New  firing - June 2014By the time you see these pots, they’ll likely have been sold.

Steve doesn’t do series, his work is snapped up really quickly and no pot is quite like another.

If you like a style and decor, you’re likely to find a range of something very similar at the galleries that stock our work.

Or take pot luck and we’ll send you a piece from a newly opened kiln that’s close to a piece that you crave.

Or just visit us – that’s your best bet.

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4 Responses to Recent (and not so recent) work

  1. Keith Kendall says:

    Hi Steve purchaced a early piece of yours from Plymouth uk in the 90s vase spaceship thyme will send photo if you want it for your records Keith.

  2. peter johnson... says:

    mate!! mustache is going off!!!

  3. Julie Dash says:

    Hey Steve
    Not sure if you remember Julie & Jeremy from Nelson (moved to Rarangi in Marlborough now). We bought a few pieces, usually dog related…….and a beautiful painting/mix media by DY in memory of our beautiful doberman, Zep. We have lost one of your awesome works in the EQ last week-a vessel from the depths of the sea…..and today we have lost another best friend. We will be over to see you soon to replace the broken piece and will choose something in memory of our lovely Coco. We know your old boy was so special too. Thanks for creating such wonderful pieces.

  4. Jan Tennet says:

    Just making sure that you will be open at 10am on Tuesday 18th July as we are coming out from Nelson to visit the gallery.

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