Exhibitions and publications



100 New Zealand Craft Artists – Helen Schamroth
ISBN 1-86962-030-5

“Angel” by ceramic artist Steve Fullmer: an example of the more innovative, purely decorative pots made in recent years.
A brief guide to New Zealand Art and Culture – Naomi O’Connor
ISBN 0-908802-28-5



Catalog of  “Treasures of the Underworld, Expo 1992”
ISBN 0-909010-02-1

The Ceramic Surface – Matthias Ostermann
ISBN 0-7136-5427-9

Icons of New Zealand
Published by the Arts Marketing Board of Aotearoa
Conetendown – Studio pottery in New Zealand. 1945 -1980 – Moira Elliott & Damian Skinner
ISBN 978-1-86953-731-9P1010565
Reader’s Digest Guide to New Zealand – Maurice Shadbolt & Brian Brake
ISBN 0-86438–037-2


5 Responses to Exhibitions and publications

  1. Kate says:

    Good photos of your work and esp like the bottom with artist and pot.

  2. Sue Beesley says:

    Seeing your beautiful mudfish has reminded me of mine- bought many many years ago- now smashed in the Chch quake- could another be made , and at what cost please?

  3. Deb says:

    would you make a couple of large vase/lamp base containers in the style of the above water jar?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Deb,
      Unfortunately it would be quite difficult to copy that jar as it was fired in a wood fired kiln many years ago (mid 1980’s). Steve thinks he could try but is doubtful of whether it would be successful as we have an electric kiln now. You are welcome to phone him and talk about it (03 5266765).
      Best wishes
      Robin Fullmer

  4. Jean McKinnon says:

    Hey Steve, Haven’t been in touch for a very long time. Today I bought a ‘latte bowl’ of yours from Vessel. It is lovely holding it in my hands and thinking back to heady times with potters in the early 1980s. It is great to know you are still working and coming up with more crazy funky stuff.
    Best wishes
    Jean McKinnon

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