The Fullmer Gallery

The Fullmer Gallery nestles in the small settlement of Tasman, between Nelson and Motueka on the northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island.

Attached to Steve Fullmer’s studio, the gallery features a range of contemporary arts and crafts from well known New Zealand artists, as well as the most comprehensive range of Steve’s work you’ll find anywhere.

You can reach the gallery easily by taking the Tasman exit on the Nelson-Motueka State Highway 60 and turning right into Baldwin Rd when you get to the Tasman Store and Café

But why not enjoy the delights of the Ruby Bay Scenic Route!
Take the Mapua turnoff and drive along the coastal road that hugs the sea and climbs  through orchards, olive groves and pastures and past Jester House, an award-winning cafe, until you come to the Tasman Store and Café on your left.

Turn left into Baldwin Road and we’re right there.

Hours: 10am – 4pm daily, but please call ahead if you’re making a special trip.

Past exhibitions:

• Born in Holland – 1954
• Moved to New Zealand in 1986
• Self-taught as an artist
• Regular exhibitions of watercolour, pastel and acrylic paintings since 1991

The New Zealand landscape and seascape haveinspired his earlier abstract work.
Exploring horizons, horizontals, verticals and above andbelow, earth and sky, sea and sky.
” From the horizon, you go beyond the edge of the
world to the sky and beyond that, to the unknown. For
me, colour spaces facilitate that experience . For me,
abstraction facilitates that experlence .”

The most recent works are Inspired by a visit to ItaIy:
Venice, Florence and Sienna. The colours , textures,
pigments, walls and frescoes offer a new direction in
visual experience.



Don Newgren: Truth . . . As I See It
February 2 – 23, 2013

Reviewed by Anna Pearson in the Nelson Mail: “Abstract paintings aim to challenge”

6 Responses to The Fullmer Gallery

  1. Judith Deans says:

    Hi, We called in on 31st of December and brought two large cups with wading birds on. I would once two more they are so fabulous.
    Can I have another turquoise one and a grayish one.Two more.
    My email is wally@actrix. Your reply may be blocked by a filter. I will reply as soon as I can.In the meantime I will try and locate a phone number for you.
    Regards Judy Deans

  2. Steve Butler says:

    Hi there I was looking on the Nelson pottery site and saw the eels. What price are they

  3. Adina Halpern says:

    Hi I just visited your gallery which had very little for sale as you had sent everything to the Suter gallery. We went there yday – what a fantastic exhibition of your work. I am keen to buy a plate but can’t find any for sale on your website.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Adina, Steve will have some plates next week. If you email I can send you photos when we have some.
    Many thanks
    Robin Fullmer

  5. Claire Grant says:

    For many years I have had a ‘set’ of six whale 17cm side plates
    Unfortunately due to frequent use, two of these have become quite chipped
    Do you have any similar but different plates in stock at the moment
    Many thanks

  6. Cath Handley says:

    Hi Steve, I’ve had so many years enjoying three of your outdoor works. Thank you for so much joy xx Cath Waiheke

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